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Let's Explore Together to Be Living as Our Empowered Selves


I'm about Joyful, Soulful Living! so come join me on our journey of Soul Elevation through various events, workshops and meetups.

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"It's Never Too Late To Be What You Might Have Been"


To open doors for our clients so that they can awaken, empower & transform themselves; to get in touch with their inner voice & listen; to discover their limitless possibilities so they can enjoy a state of optimal well-being, health & live a fulfilling, joyful life but live more from a space of Authenticity,  from their Soul Self. 

George Eliot

Empowerment Tool

Introducing the Divinely Inspired   I Am Oracle

An Inner Journey of Empowerment

for Soul Elevation


Aligning with the Power of I Am, this oracle is a tool
support you in your inner Spiritual Journey.

Each beautifully crafted and unique design reflects an empowering word, statement and purposeful questions. Combining those elements allows you to go deeper within and helps you to move forward in the remembrance of who you truly are...

So, who are you, truly?

Welcome to Spirit Art by Carole!


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You can shop from many beautiful designs and many items to choose from... Leggings, Yoga Mats, Iphone Cases, Totes, Serving trays, Tapestries, Wall Art & Mural, Mugs.

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Custom Artwork also available by contacting me directly. Browse our collection in our shop or go to:

    "BE REALISTIC -                                               PLAN A MIRACLE"


Energy Healing

Monthly Events 

Details @ Joyful, Soulful Living! Meetup

* New Moon Circle

* Access Your Inner

Wisdom through Your Akashic Records

* DNA Light Activation

Coming in August

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"You can only start to discover your true positive self in life if you rise to the challenge and take total control of your thoughts and beliefs, and never permit them to negatively control you again."

Edmond Mbiaka







Your Choice...

Reset or Replay

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Designed Modules to Transmute Our Subconscious Thought Patterns

In order to live a more authentic and fulfilling life, we have the ability to reprogram our belief systems. Many experts state that our thoughts are only 3 to 5% conscious thoughts and 95 to 97% are from our subconscious.  Our thought patterns can also be inherited from our family values, society, socio-economic classes, culture, background, past lives and the stories we create for ourselves on a daily basis. By addressing our belief systems, we are able to shift our vibrations, our frequencies and attract something different from our past. We are giving ourselves the chance to create the life we want to live and living it from a place of choices that are in alignment with what our Hearts truly desire. 


12 Modules - 2 calls per month 

Calls 1 to 1 1/2 hour  each

This program is designed to support you, the entrepreneur, in being more in alignment with the purpose of your business. We are releasing hindering beliefs, blocks, patterns... to nurture a more positive mindset in several areas of the self. We are shifting the energetic field on a cellular level as to create a space of expansion, receptivity and manifestation. We are establishing a deeper connection to the Self to be more Authentic and to live from OUR TRUTH, no one else's and with a deeper connection to the Universe as to create a space of empowerment, truth, honor, integrity, strong inner guidance and knowing with the support of Spiritual Beings.







6 Modules - 2 calls per month 

Calls 1 to 1 1/2 hour  each

Are you struggling with body image? Are you self conscious about your body?  Are you making lifestyle changes to get healthy? Are you enrolled in a weight loss program or under a specific food plan to help you achieve your ideal body shape and/or size but you find yourself repeating things from the past and self sabotaging your efforts?  Have you ever considered reprogramming or re-patterning your belief system to make this time a successful process.  Do you hear yourself say to yourself: "I can't do this!"  "I am going to gain the weight right back so what's the point" "It's too hard" "I feel defeated" I cannot be happy until I lose the weight etc... Let's change all that by reprogramming your thoughts and belief system to support your goals.  



6 Modules - 2 calls per month 

Calls 1 to 1 1/2 hour  each

This is designed to give you insights on how to improve your relationship with yourself as well as with others (family, colleagues etc). It starts with you looking at how you sabotage your own relationships, your perception and your beliefs and how they can get in the way of your happiness.  Let's reprogram to experience more bliss in any relationship including the most sacred one, the relationship with yourself.



6 Modules - 2 calls per month

Calls: 1 to 11/2 hour each

Do you want more of an abundant life and manifest what you truly desire?  

Are you getting in the way of your own success?

How is your relationship and belief system towards wealth, success and your worthiness in having what you want?

Have you noticed family patterns when it comes to money, successes, failure, losses..? 

Could it be from past lives?

Let's identify what's blocking you and reprogram... Letting go of what no longer serves you is Freedom - it brings you Free/Self Will and the ability to make Choices more aligned with your Authentic Self.

"Your circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start."

Nido Qubein

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I am about bringing Love, Beauty, Healing & Peace while
I am here.

I have been on my own path of self-discovery, of reflection and understanding, of enlightenment, of conscious and mindful living. Following a bout of health issues and a crumbling marriage, I had to rebuild to find joy, peace, laughter, love and compassion in my day to day life so here I am today uplifting others to live a fulfilling life.
I deepen my connection to Nature through the Alchemy of GemAroma™, I deepen my connection to Source through the Energy Healing work that I do and the Artistry is a result of those two beautiful connections. Always learning, exploring, connecting to the mystical realms of my inner soul.  My heart is my guide and I hope to inspire you to connect with yours.


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French Speaking Clients Welcome.

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