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Authenticity, Integrity, Truth, Honesty

The word authenticity is becoming a trendy word in mainstream conversations and to be truly authentic, I believe we have to live from a space of integrity, of honesty. Sometimes, we are to live certain experiences that may feel in misalignment to our core values in order to get a clearer picture of where we are; to help us define what we truly want and/or figure out what's more important for what is to come next. There is always a lesson to be learned with self-reflection not just experiencing for the sake of the experience. When it comes to integrity, it seems a lot easier when we are dealing with others, giving our word to someone automatically presumes a certain level of accountability w

Star... Synchronicity... New Beginning?

During last month's meetup group of Access Your Inner Wisdom through your Akashic Records and Past lives, while leading the participants through their process, I was given the symbol of the Star. There are, of course, different meanings to stars depending upon the numbers of points and the types as they have their own symbolism, religious or not. I don't pretend to know much about stars so I look things up just as many of us do, thanks to the internet. I had created on a Sunday morning my own version of the Star of David, then I was called to attend a Spiritual Service about Love. I do love the synchronicity events that constantly occur in my life. That same afternoon, I was attending an on


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