Are you a Dream Seeker?


Are you having a sense of loss as to what your life should be?Are you living in the shadow of someone else’s dream? Do you want to create a life you love to live? Do you long to connect with the desires of your heart and soul? Then this is for you!This is a coaching program conducted over a six month period. It includes a Dream Builder leather bound kit that includes a workbook, 16 cds, 1 meditation cd with 12 lessons (2 weeks in between each lesson) and 12 - one hour and a half of personal intuitive Heart-centered and more spiritually based life coaching either in person or over the phone. Ideally, you would come to meet me for this program at a designated location; the second possible option is to conduct the personal coaching sessions via phone.

Shifting Energy is Key to Fulfillment!


Learning to navigate our life through our energetic field, our intuition, the Universal Laws, the power to manifest. Understanding how our energy can affect others and  how their energy can affect us.Realizing that the power is already within us to transform ourselves and our surroundings in order to live our best life. Creating awareness and raising our vibrations are just some of the things we can explore.

Energy & Joie de Vivre =

Your Health


A La Carte Wellness Health Coaching entails a wonderful program of combining nutrition information, healthy cooking skills and lifestyle changes to create long lasting support for your own goals towards a healthier you through a holistic philosophy.

The goal of the healing stages program is to educate you to own your health through knowledge, education and changes to your lifestyle. I truly believe that the power is within you to transform yourself.Your personalized program will radically improve your health.