Be Bold!


These words were given to me through a meditation I participated a few years ago. It was time then and I listened!  Getting myself out of my comfort zone took a bit of perseverance. 

The design reminded me of the colors of the Lion which symbolizes strength, presence, command and beauty, why not align with those qualities? 


Your turn to BE BOLD - Be your own Hero - Be your Lionheart!


Each piece created has my intention of sharing love, beauty, peace and healing to the beholder.


Each canvas comes laminated to extend the life of the artwork; to protect it from the elements of pollution, smudges and fingerprints. It also adds vibrancy to the piece.


Each canvas is .75 inch thick and the contour is a mirror effect. Has a hook for easy wall hanging


Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery as each piece is considered a special order. 



Return Policy

*Since each piece (canvas) is considered a special order as we do not stock, we do not accept returns so please make sure you are making your selection appropriately.  

Exception can be reviewed upon written request.

* If refund is approved, you will be refunded price of the canvas minus a 15% restocking fee. Please note that all shipping charges are non refundable and shipping charges to return the product to us would be your responsibility.

* There are no refunds to downloadable items.


Be Bold