Custom Designs are available


I have created:

  • Manual Covers for a Wellness Institute
  • Images for upcoming Calls from other Spiritual Teachers
  • Images for Downloads for meditations, pdf files...
  • Canvas
  • Certificates of Achievement
  • Business Cards
  • Headers for Website


Designs for your specific Brand - Let's create this unique design that captures your essence and transmits it out to others on an energetic level as they connect to you and what you represent. 


I design it and

1/ I share the images with you

2/ For actual promotional products, I post the image on and you get to pick which items to buy from the design - mugs, travel mugs, wall murals, credenzas, wall art, mats, tables, yoga mats, leggings, totes, journals, etc - you name it, they got it


They often have sales 20%, 25% or 30% and ideally wait for the % sale Plus free shipping and you'll be even more thrilled with your purchases. 


For @Joyful Soulful Living! I have designed a tapestry, purchased from society6 the medium size to use as an overlay to a tablecloth for expos, a travel mug and a tote - I am going out in style promoting my brand with these items....


The possibilities are endless...


Custom Designs

  • Free 1/2 hour consultation to define your needs.

    Are you looking to stand out and have your essence speak for yourself through the artwork? 

    I look forward to helping you amplify your brand through a unique design that is full of energy, vibrancy with colors and movement.

    Each "Project" will allow for 1h30 for your unique design and you will be presented with 3 options and allowed 3 possible revisions. Each additional hour is at a rate of $33.00 per hour. 

    Your existing logo to be provided to me as a png file - high quality and high resolution for optimal outcome. 




Corvallis, OR USA

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