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                $497.00  for 12 modules  *  2 calls per month   

     Energetically Aligning to the Limitless Universal Windows of 


What if you had the opportunity to expand inward to create more:


* Knowing

* Confidence

* Joy

* Clarity

* Empowerment

* Passion

* Purpose

* Manifesting

* Integrity

* Freedom in BE-ing You and

* Connection to your intuition?

* Inner Growth

  so your business can blossom as a result?


This is a program designed to empower female entrepreneurs to align their internal core energy to their purpose; to support you, the entrepreneur, in being more in alignment with the purpose of your business.


* We are releasing hindering beliefs, blocks, patterns to nurture a more positive mindset in several areas of the self.


* We are shifting the energetic field on a cellular level as to create a space of expansion, receptivity & manifestation.


* We are establishing a deeper connection to the Self to be more Authentic and to live from OUR TRUTH, no one else's and with a deeper connection to the Universe as to create a space of empowerment, truth, honor, integrity, strong inner guidance and knowing with the support of Spiritual Beings.


*It assists in cultivating a nurturing environment to develop this deeper knowing of self.


* We are working with Spiritual Beings to support us


This program currently caters to Female Entrepreneurs.


We will transmute some of our known or subconscious blocks or resistance that limit our power or ability to create and run a small business. Energetically speaking, we are living more than this life as the energy we carry is imprinted from multiple lifetimes and that can keep us powerless or stuck.


This unique program is Divinely Inspired, taking us beyond our rational mind to clear hindering beliefs that live in our subconscious and reprogram cellular memories therefore allowing to shift our energetic field and establish a more receptive space for growth.


Through releasing, guidance and intentions, clients experience breakthroughs in several areas, not only in their entrepreneurial development but in also in their personal lives.


More clarity, a deeper connection to that inner voice/intuition and a sense of empowerment in creating and manifesting of what you are here to do will follow.


As we shift our inner energy and the energy we project, we automatically change how we are to contribute and what we are to attract (Law of Attraction at its best).


Creating that inner space of alignment allows our energy to come forth through our business as it becomes more a reflection of our Essence.




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 * No refunds after more than 15 days (or $0)


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ENTREPRENEURIAL PROGRAM Unleash Your Hidden Possibilities™

  • New Session of the Entrepreneurial Program - 12 modules - will start February 3rd @ 9 am and will meet online over a 6 months period. 2 calls per month with each call lasting between 60 to 90 minutes.

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