A Collection of 8 Healing Intentions


* Sight

* Protection & Harmony

* Flow & Adaptability

* Healthy Cells

* Perfect Health

* Brain Vibrancy

* Brain Cells Function

* Heart Healing & Expansion


These are Activated as well as purposeful.

Set a reminder on your phone to connect with your intention at least twice a week. 

Suggested uses:

* Connect with the image with the intention stated out loud.

* Meditate with it - you can place it on your body; you can sit on it.

* Place it at your nightstand or Altar

* Charge your drinking water by placing it under a pitcher of water. Set for    8 hours and drink. 

* Frame it and set it in your favorite spot where you will connect with it         
   visually.  You align with it every time you see it. (ideal spots by doorway, bathroom, sacred space...)


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Healing Intentions - Set of 8

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