Healing Therapies

Each healing session is customized to the client integrating many modalities available in order to optimize the healing process and accelerate their results and it is done through communicating with their bodies and kinesiology. In a given session, we are able to work on a soul, spiritual, intuitive, mental, emotional and/or physical body to identify what needs to be addressed and maximize the releases for lasting changes.  While there is a deep connection to Spirit through this type of work, I am free and an open channel from any particular denomination or faith. Through my own healing and sessions with my clients, a very important aspect of creating the life we desire is to identify and reprogram our beliefs on a conscious and subconscious level; this is a critical step to changing our current reality and be more in alignment with our authentic selves. With a more aware and awakened mind, we can more easily tap into the limitless support of the Universe and create from that state of Be-ing.

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* Emotional Release
* Be Whole Inner Work
* Space Clearing
* Body Health Assessment
* Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help (TM)
* Sound & Vibrational Healing Therapy

Stones of Meaning



* Intuitive Quantum Life

* Dream Builder (TM)

* Holistic Nutritional & Health

* Spiritual Guidance

with the integration of Self-Esteem Elevation Growth  & Law of Attraction Programs




* Soul Life Reading

* Intuitive Oracle Card Reading

* Empowerment Classes

* Unleash Your Hidden Possibilities™

Online Programs