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Star... Synchronicity... New Beginning?

During last month's meetup group of Access Your Inner Wisdom through your Akashic Records and Past lives, while leading the participants through their process, I was given the symbol of the Star. There are, of course, different meanings to stars depending upon the numbers of points and the types as they have their own symbolism, religious or not. I don't pretend to know much about stars so I look things up just as many of us do, thanks to the internet.

I had created on a Sunday morning my own version of the Star of David, then I was called to attend a Spiritual Service about Love. I do love the synchronicity events that constantly occur in my life. That same afternoon, I was attending an online call with Maureen Moss, who I love... (I think she is phenomenal) and she brought in so many elements including the Star of David during the call that I couldn't wait to create an image to reflect what had transpired during her guidance and the powerful, insightful, poignant call. I could see all the colors she was describing; she talked about Love, Archangel Michael, Metatron, the Star of David, Light, Mother Earth and my mind was putting all of these together.. I had them all! I ended up sharing it with her as well - my little proud moment :)

I decided to put this image in the middle of our circle and as I was leading others through their process of retrieving information, I was given the star. It didn't feel like the Star of David or any other religious stars, or my image; it felt more like a shining star in the Universe, the ones you get to see in the dark night sky when you look up and admire those mystical bright specks. I used to pay more attention when I had to take my dog out in the late nights and early rises, I would always make a point of looking up, always in awe (hopefully I will get to do that again soon as I am going to adopt a Malinois or German Shepherd)

In one of my previous regressions, I saw myself floating within that Universe in energy form among shining bright stars, I didn't have a physical body and the message I received was: I am part of all that, I am that. That message gave me a blissful and peaceful sense of belonging, of being supported and that I am never alone. I felt at peace even though in the 3 other past lives I was briefly shown, I was physically alone. A gentle reminder of where I am in my journey right now. I have found that one of my biggest challenge was to understand that it is my sole responsibility to create my happiness, my joy and anyone or anything else in my circle is a bonus. <3

Being given the symbol of the star during the conduct of the meetup reminded me of that message, that visual of me being part of all that but I also decided to look up the meaning. I will go with this: it is a symbolism of faith and hope, of new beginning and it is perfectly in alignment with my projects...

We are constantly given messages through images, symbols, words, or animals throughout our busy day but are we paying attention? I know I am as there is wisdom to be gained in everything and I am always grateful for the insights. This supports me in building the faith in my creations and life purpose with hope and excitement towards my new beginning.

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