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Authenticity, Integrity, Truth, Honesty

The word authenticity is becoming a trendy word in mainstream conversations and to be truly authentic, I believe we have to live from a space of integrity, of honesty. Sometimes, we are to live certain experiences that may feel in misalignment to our core values in order to get a clearer picture of where we are; to help us define what we truly want and/or figure out what's more important for what is to come next. There is always a lesson to be learned with self-reflection not just experiencing for the sake of the experience.

When it comes to integrity, it seems a lot easier when we are dealing with others, giving our word to someone automatically presumes a certain level of accountability which facilitates the follow through but I want to bring it back to how we are showing up for ourselves. How often do we fail when it comes to keeping words to ourselves, for what we have set out to do or said we would do. (I am going to eat better, I am going to walk today, I am going to make time for myself and the list goes on and on.)

Why are we choosing to hold what we say to others more important than to our own being?

Is it about worthiness? Is it accountability? Is it procrastination? Is it fear to come out of our comfort zone, or the consequences of our actions or just a paralyzing fear of what will become? Which is it for you?

Personally, I have realized that many things I didn't deliver on were from fear of consequences and of what will become. What is the unknown going to look like if I do this or that, what will it mean? It may also bring us to a point where we may have to make changes or face decisions we don't necessarily feel ready or wanted to make... In my experience, it's only a matter of time where we have to face what we have to face; it will eventually catch up to us. It took a bit more time not wanting to shake status quo but a bout of illness force me to face my reality.

Since I love talking about energy, on an energetic level, every time we fail to follow through, think of all the "negative" energies that are being created. We may feel guilt, one of the lowest vibration and that can affect our whole body to even more lower vibrations thus creating a lower immune environment. If it's not guilt, then it may be a burden that we choose to carry until we actually do what we set out to do or said we would do. Can you feel the added unconscious weight we carry?

We can also add to the mix, a sense of failure, a feeling of letting people down, including ourselves and a whole load of judgments. All of these feelings or emotions we are creating are somewhat unnecessary but can, often times, result in physical and emotional imbalances in the body showing up as stress, depression, digestive issues, sleep deprivation and so on... These energies also create density, heaviness within our body and can keep us stuck in some ways which can rob us of joy.

I believe it is necessary in order to be in joy and to be living from a space of joy, we have to hold ourselves to the top of the hierarchy rather than others. This doesn't mean we forego our responsibilities; we just bring more clarity to our priorities which allows us to live from a place of acceptance.

In order to live from a space of authenticity, integrity, clarity and honesty, we have to stop setting ourselves up for failure just by admitting, telling or recognizing what the truth is at that moment. Maybe it requires for us to reevaluate what our priorities are; looking at boundaries we have set up or the lack of; and most likely it requires for us to pause more and listen to our body before we say yes to making commitments to certain people or things.

It is very freeing to live from that space of integrity, honesty, authenticity and truth since it brings us a sense of lightness, of alignment within. It is not enough to say the words but showing up and doing will allow us to be living from that space. It will then open us to a wide range of possibilities, bringing a sense of openness as nothing is weighing on our shoulders. It is a great space to be living from.

Often times we lead by examples but we also have to remember that what we project comes back.

So my questions to you are:

How are you showing up for yourself? and Why are you not allowing others to show up for you the way you would like them to?

It starts with you, doesn't it?

Carole Franques is a Holistic & Integrative Wellness Practitioner, a Spiritual & Life Coach for Joyful, Soulful Living!

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