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April was quite a rough ride!

Wow! During our New Moon Entrepreneurial call we talked about the energy of the month and let me tell you... I was right in it!

At the end of March, I visited my daughter in California and met up with a friend from Los Angeles; picked her up from the Sacramento airport and off we went on our road trip to Mount Shasta.

We didn't necessarily set expectations; we were happy to connect physically as we hadn't seen each other in years and looked forward to our conversations while exploring the area.The weather was damp and cold and that put a little dent in our plans. we didn't get to take nice pictures as it was always foggy and wet or explore as much as we would have liked to. At this time of year, temperatures are in the 40s to low 50s and snow was still covering the higher grounds.

We tried to make the best of it, so we treated ourselves to a couple of interesting things and browsed the many crystals and gemstones stores that populate the area. I found this crystal called Golden Heart Crystal which I wasn’t familiar with and at every store, I was mesmerized by it so of course, one came home with me 😊

As we drove up close to where it is said the vortex starts, we parked and felt quite at peace while admiring the beauty of the pine trees and the mountains. We definitely noticed a shift in energy.

Prior to my trip, someone had mentioned I should have the experience of the pyramid. Omaran and his twin flame built on their property a pyramid where you can spend time meditating in total darkness. He also built a 13 points’ copper structure that we can stay under; however, we couldn’t have the experience because it was raining the day we were there. During my time in the pyramid, I was definitely connecting to this copper structure though.

Depending on the time of year you may visit, it would be a good idea to pack an extra warm blanket and a hot water bottle, that will make the experience more satisfying I think. (comforters are provided but they were just not warm enough)

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In the afternoon, we chose to get an ionic bath detox and the woman we met, Wendy, was the loveliest, most motherly energy I have ever experienced. It was really a treat and both of us got overwhelmed by our experience with her.

Unfortunately, after that, things kind of went downhill… My friend started getting sick and I also got sick a few days later and it’s been a slow road of recovery for the both of us.

My bronchitis knocked me completely physically; I couldn’t do anything but think and that’s where I was, right in the vibration of the month of April – reflection, inner wisdom, inner knowledge, intuition… it was a time of revelations for sure…looking at what had happened and getting so many insights, so much understanding in being this spiritual being in this human form and its challenges. I know that I am a strong and resilient person and I am grateful to have those traits to carry me through this journey because this month was energetically quite powerful. It was a reminder that our bodies are in control and sure enough, mine chose to give me the time to reflect. In the isolation and the inability of doing, I just had to be… be in my thoughts for sure.

I am grateful that I am able to recover from it but I must say that this time allowed me to gain so much wisdom and be in a heightened state of consciousness. Upon my conversations with my friend trying to make sense of our experience, we both know something happened to us and because of it, we are much more adept to managing our thoughts, our intuition and our well-being no matter how challenging the situation can be and I believe I have also gained even greater clarity.

Did you get slowed down this month and reflected?

What valuable insights have you gained this past month.

How is this heightened awareness serving you?

Carole Franques is a Holistic & Integrative Wellness Practitioner, a Spiritual & Life Coach for Joyful, Soulful Living!

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