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Sharing of the Saffron Heart Energy

I have been introduced to Dzar, a Source Energy channeled by the Australian couple Mary & Gary O’Brien by Bill Sanda back in 2017 and I regularly attend the Dzar Circle as I very much resonate with this beautiful Energy and teachings of compassion.

As I have been creating my oracle, I have found that I can bring into form, the Essence of the meditations that I participate in, not only from Dzar but from other mentors I am attune to and it’s been a fascinating process.

This past meeting, we were talking about the Saffron Heart to newcomers to the group and I had this interpretation more about this beautiful, poignant Saffron color as I had already created a Saffron Heart Image from our last meet which I am sharing with you.

I was given that red represents blood and the blood gives us life within our physical bodies, while the Sun (beautiful bright yellow) gives life to everything outside of ourselves so the Saffron Heart is the merging or bridge of the outer life and the inner life, creating that connection within our physicality and giving our heart its heartbeat. It was a very powerful visual for me as we were lead into the Saffron Heart Meditation.

Dzar, this particular Source Energy teaches us about compassion. It is about showing ourselves compassion first so that it becomes much easier to show it to others; it really has to start with us. Having the capacity to put ourselves in others’ shoes, to let go of our assumptions and our judgments allow for us to come from a state of love and compassion. Everyone has a story and we don’t have a clue what the

other person has gone through to be where they are today. Sometimes though, it is much easier to be compassionate and loving towards others and we forget ourselves in the process. Imagine how much more love you can share with others if you loved yourself as much as the next person…doesn’t that thought warms your heart? And imagine the ripple effect you would create...

I am sharing some of the images that I have been led to create through my participation in the meditations. I hope you can connect to their energy and work within yourself to show compassion not only to others but to you… We are all doing our best to connect within and I know that the shared meditation will be a great asset to your growth.

Mary and Gary are sharing the Saffron Heart package which I want to share with all of you as we are to create a more compassionate world around us and you are encouraged to share it as well.

You will discover a Saffron Heart Movement that is being taught to receive and expand your compassionate energy with Source, with Gaia and with all of beings… I was guided to instead of bringing it back at the end of the movement to my heart, I gave myself an embrace so as to give myself and receive this powerful energy of compassion. It felt right to do so and I would encourage you to do this step as well.

You will find the information about the Saffron Heart, have access to a video to learn the movement as well as listen to the Saffron Heart Meditation at

Just fill out your information to have instant access.

Sending you much love and compassion

Carole These images are available for purchase as a 5 x 7 laminated image, please email me if you are interested in working with these light coded transmission imagery as well.

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