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Finding balance

The word balance gets thrown at us quite easily but what does balance looks like. I thought I would share what it looks like to me.

The last couple of years have been challenging as I had to learn to be physically alone after my daughter moving away to school in 2017, and the loss of my dog Eclipse in August of 2018. I chose to learn to be alone and concentrate on my work and trust how things would unfold.

It takes some conscious efforts to adjust to those changes in life but I set out a new routine for myself that seemed to work; however, as time went on, I felt that longing of a presence in my life.

When I decided to adopt a rescue dog, I had mixed feelings about it since my past experience wasn’t quite favorable but with what I know, my past experience wasn’t going to be my new experience. I had made a list of things in my head of what I would like for this dog to be and how it would behave… well, she has met every single criteria of that mental list and she is definitely not matching up to the past experience. She is truly a gift!

Sage is bringing me companionship, entertainment, commitment, laughter and so much love. She would lick me to death if I would allow her; that’s how loving she is and to others as well. If she could sit on your laps, she would… she always tries on a first encounter with friends. (Warning!)

One thing I didn’t expect is that she would bring me balance. When I was guided to postpone all events from my home after I brought her in, I wasn’t sure how things would unfold but I trusted that I needed to do that… I had no idea that that sense of isolation (from a physical perspective) would bring me focus. Then the focus brought me more creativity, more learning opportunities, more time to dedicate to what I was guided to create. Those creations have brought me more clarity into my work, more confidence in my knowing, more passion in the beauty that I want to give birth to and share and in all of that, Sage is the element that brings me the balance I need. In the past, I could easily get caught up in not taking care of myself, putting work first and working at odds hours despite knowing that I am my priority. Not having many outside responsibilities, I know that I could easily get immersed in one thing and often times, not seeing things through- that was a pattern of the past. The messages were louder and louder that my responsibility was to see things through, through discipline and focus, and Sage has helped me do just that. I had made the commitment to whichever dog I was going to get that I would walk the dog twice a day (I didn’t set a distance but we’re walking about 3.5 to 4 miles each day) and I am living up to that commitment no matter what has happened in the day and no matter what time of day.

Having her by my side, she reminds me of taking breaks throughout the day so we can go play or cuddle, or time to satisfy our stomachs. On our daily walks, I am present to our surroundings and paying attention. This summer, we were surrounded by so many monarch butterflies on our walks; the cute chipmunks and squirrels running at her sight or the birds chirping but flying out as we approach. Many times, I have loved the beautiful festival of lights each night with all the fireflies in the yard; I get to look up at the stars in the dark nights or be in awe of how bright the moon can be on certain nights. I have gotten to meet some of my neighbors and entertain conversations. I get to appreciate the beauty that nature has to offer. Taking in the sounds, the smells; there was this particular tree in one of my neighbors’ yard as we passed under its branches which smelled sooo good. Every time, I would inhale its beautiful smell.

Now, I get to see the foliage changing, the leaves falling (some leaves are heart-shaped if you haven’t noticed,) the gathering of foods from the chipmunks and squirrels, the flying of geese over our heads.

I am also thankful to my body for allowing me to walk; to have the energy to do everything that I want to do in a day. I allow for rest when called to do so; I allow for adaptability to work at different times of day for the creativity to be at its optimal. All these experiences bring me the balance my spirit requires for my well-being. Sage brings me spontaneous playfulness and laughter as she plays by herself moaning, growling and throwing things up in the air. She’s fun to watch in the yard; taking post and overseeing the activities of others from the animal kingdom. She is quite intrigued with the toads who decide to show up at nighttime by my front door and leap as we approach.

At night, with her snoring, I think she's preparing me for the next boyfriend!

Being in that state of balance, I find myself really being connected to all that is and as I read posts from some of my spiritual teachers, I always seem to be in sync with what’s going on on a larger plane.

I am now transitioning into a new phase of expansion in my creativity and what I am called to share with others and it is beyond excitement that I am stepping into my living on purpose.

I am grateful for Sage and I know myself to be exactly where I need to be. There are no wrong choices, just experiences and opportunities of growth and more understanding in who I know myself to be.

How are you finding balance? How are you taking care of yourself while in the midst of life? We all have responsibilities including you attending to your own needs.

With love


Carole is a Holistic & Integrative Practitioner, an intuitive, empath; a coach, alchemist and artist. The creator of soon to be published I AM Oracle (2019) and Self-Actualization to Wholeness™ Oracle (2020)

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