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Divine Healing. An Opportunity of Expansion

Through Divine Healing, there is much to discover and we are given the opportunity to transmute whatever seems to be in the way for our optimal health and well-being. It is a channeled modality which really covers an array of topics much ​related to my individual trainings and studies but it feels as if it is bringing most of them under one umbrella and adding some depth. I see it as a comprehensive method that touches many aspects of the Self for healing purposes allowing a deeper connection to our Highest Self.

I am pursuing other levels as to expand my understanding and awareness for the benefits of my clients knowing that it is also a gift to learn from someone I resonate with.

We can touch on emotions, emotional states, fears and phobias, sabotage and Ego agendas. Many of those are culprits to how we feel about ourselves and very much get in our way of living rather than the merely surviving we've been accustomed to.

Another valuable tool is finding the source or origin of our blocks or limitations which can help us reframe our belief system and you all know; this is one of my favorite go to during a session.

There is so much power in transmuting and rewiring which is the basis of my own programs and as I always say, I am my best client. Having also completed a one-year program in 2019 on cellular consciousness, I am very well equipped to support my clients in bringing to them different perspectives to an issue.

One of the thing that has been most interesting while conducting sessions is that we get to locate where the energy is stagnating within the body (if the body calls us to do that of course!) and I am always amazed at how related it is to the identified issue if you look at the symbolism of the affected area.

With many of the tools that I have (referred to as my Mary Poppins bag,) my intuition and the guidance, I love to see how the clients feel after the sessions and how changes seem more palpable to them. That is so rewarding to me because I know how I have been able to change my own life.

We can add a touch of color therapy, align the Chakra system; we can address various types of interference from external and subtle energies.

For example, in one recent session, once we identified one of the areas of concern, we had to go even deeper and integrate some of my other work in order to remove an hex/curse. Often, they are meant to create obstacles in someone else’s path and to keep them in place.

During each session, our bodies dictate the releasing not our mind and this is where we know we are able to achieve a deeper connection to our Highest Self. From that point, we can create from a different state of consciousness, evolve as a result, change our future experiences.

Some other areas we can be guided to go are key psychological conflicts, low frequency programs, identify the overall archetype energy and where one is with it at this moment...and the list goes on.

I am very passionate about what I am doing as I can see how much I have come into alignment with my inner core (my Divine Blue Print) since my 1st training back in 2009. It has been and is always a personal enriching experience that I get to test all these modalities for my own well-being and enhancement. Since 2011, it has been a conscious choice that my life is about quality and how to create a Joyful, Soulful Living!™ for myself.

Would you like to experience an Integration Session with Divine Healing and create your Joyful, Soulful Living™ from a heightened state of consciousness?

Carole is a Holistic & Integrative Practitioner, an intuitive, empath, a coach, alchemist and artist. She has created and published the I AM Oracle Deck - An Inner Journey of Empowerment (2019) and the I AM Series (2020)

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