It's about creating a different energy in the home

Moving into a newly purchased home or business?

Selling a home? Need to expedite its sale?

Feeling an awkwardness into your home? 

A presence?

Trouble sleeping?

Wouldn’t be nice to create your own space without interference?

I personally had an offer on my house after 2 days of being on the market with multiple offers and I have helped multiple individuals sell their homes including a cottage that was for sale for more than 2 years in France and it sold within weeks following the session.  

After the clearing of a child’s bedroom, she was able to sleep more profoundly.

A few years back, I was asked to clear the energy at several buildings of the old DC Correctional facility in Lorton, VA as it was to become an art center and businesses were to move in.

I have done many sessions clearing entities as well on properties.