More Connection to Spirit



Finding yourself at a crossroad and needing guidance?

Looking for more but not sure who to turn to?  

Longing to connect with your Soul? Wanting more from yourself, from others, from life itself?

Asking yourself what is my Purpose? 

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The practitioner merges into the client’s energy of his seven chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye or brown and crown) to give the client his or her life reading. By tapping into these energies, we are able to see their qualities and resources, how they are directing their life, their presence into the world; their feeling nature and how they relate to others; their sense of achievement; their ability to care and to love; the spiritual abilities, talents and gifts, information about their past lives and the client’s state of perceptive awareness;  why they chose to come in this lifetime and their life’s lesson (s), the client is then given a gift from Spirit to bring home to remind them of the healing in their consciousness.

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This is an intuitive reading done with the use of Divination or Oracle cards. The client can inquire about career, family, life, relationship, money…etc or be general in nature as sometimes we find ourselves needing some spiritual guidance and a bit more clarity.

Examples of spreads:

*Dream Garden

*Celtic Cross

*Healing Heart Relationship

*Should I stay?

*Magical Love Partnership

*3 card spread.