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This audio will show you how Unleash Your Hidden Possibilities (tm) programs differ from your typical coaching or mentoring programs. We work on a deeper level, on a soul level and your subconscious. Very subtle yet profound shifts can occur.
Learn a bit more about my own experiences with the second video.


An Entrepreneur at Heart

Carole Franques was born into and raised in an entrepreneurial environment back in her native country of France and throughout her childhood, besides helping in her parents' businesses, she was also running her own little entreprises on the side.   
When her family immigrated to the United States in 1981, they established a family business of French Gourmet Foods that was featured on the Food Network and catered to some of the most renowned establishments locally and nationally. Upon her graduating with a Bachelor of Science, double majoring in Management and Marketing in 1990, she took on the responsibilities of running the family business full time, and was involved in all aspects: from administrative to managing employees, to sales and marketing, to establishing good rapport with USDA, FDA & state agencies and everything else in between. In 2008, the family jointly chose to close the business.

Since 2009, following a bout of health issues, other life challenges and an unsure future, she dedicated herself to study a more Holistic & Spiritual approach to self-care.  A La Carte Wellness, llc was born to serve clients with Energy Healing Work, Holistic Health & Quantum Life Coaching for their own optimal Health & Well-being. In 2018, she listened to the guidance and created her unique lines of supportive tools: Activation Energizers to work in healing processes or Meditation and GemAroma™ a line of Therapeutic Blends of Essential Oils & Natural Gemstones both with a purposeful Intention & embedded magnified frequencies.

After much self-reflective work, experiencing and understanding many of the challenges of running multiple small businesses, she offers her knowledge, skills, Intuitive & channeled wisdom in supporting her clients through a more subtle and quite effective approach: shifting the energetic field on a cellular level.  She was lead to develop the UNLEASH Your Hidden Possibilities™ Entrepreneurial Program to work with other entrepreneurs in taking their businesses to the next level from an inward perspective thus allowing them to create from a higher state of consciousness and free will.


2 Live Calls per month via Zoom for a 6 months period

  • Module  1   * Setting Up the Stage (addressing vows, energetic cords, calling on the Divine Feminine, claim....)

  • Module  2  * Transmuting Self-Esteem Hindering Beliefs/Potential Blocks

  • Module 3   * Transmuting Judgments Hindering Beliefs/Potential Blocks

  • Module 4   * Transmuting Fears Hindering Beliefs/Potential Blocks

  • Module 5   * Transmuting Education/ Skills/ Knowledge Hindering Beliefs/Potential Blocks

  • Module 6   * Transmuting Support Hindering Beliefs/Potential Blocks

  • Module 7    * Transmuting Money Hindering Beliefs/Potential Blocks

  • Module 8   * Transmuting Finances Hindering Beliefs/Potential Blocks

  • Module 9   * Transmuting Organization Hindering Beliefs/Potential Blocks

  • Module 10  * Transmuting Getting Clients Hindering Beliefs/Potential Blocks

  • Module 11   * Transmuting Organization Hindering Beliefs/Potential Blocks

  • Module 12   * Transmuting Running a Business Hindering Beliefs/Potential Blocks


"In addition to discovering limiting beliefs I didn't know I held, I came to see the impact that I can have, not just on my customers organizations, but also on the individuals I can transfer this energy to."

"Thank you, Carole! In tonight's session, I saw how I have been creating out of my past. Thank you for talking about it. I gained a new level of awareness. Thank you. I am grateful"

"After going through the fear module on my own time , you came intro my dreams and continued the healing of releasing fears. It was an unexpected experience but I am grateful that the releasing continued on. Thank you for the work you do!"

"Last night the most powerful module yet! As you said, even if not all the limiting beliefs we release in the UNLEASH program apply to everyone on the call, the energy that flows as you go through the releasing process triggers some sensations, feelings and thoughts that are the ones that come from individual limitations that need to be released....

I felt that!

"OMG, I am releasing so much and getting so much more clarity. Thank you!"

"Even though last night's release was about limiting beliefs on education or certifications or credibility of sorts, and I did not feel they applied to me, a flood of limiting beliefs I didn't realize I held came up!"